Using Diasend at Home

Using Diasend at home

Achieving predictable blood glucose control and limiting highs, lows and unpredictable results is the best possible way of avoiding the problems which can be associated with diabetes.  Well controlled diabetes is also, importantly, associated with improved wellbeing.  The best performing diabetes centres help achieve this by providing easy routes for patients and specialists to share information and provide advice.  Frequent contact is very strongly associated with good diabetes control - Diasend provides you with a convenient way to share information with us.


If you are a Freestyle Libre user, please use LibreView rather than Diasend (clinic code: 07715018


What is Diasend?

Diasend is a system which uploads your blood glucose meter readings and displays them in a clear format to help pick up patterns.  Identifying reasons why blood glucose readings are ‘out of target’ or unpredictable is the best way to help improve diabetes control.  You may have reviewed your blood glucose results using Diasend in our clinics.


What is Diasend Personal?

Diasend Personal allows you to create your own account and upload your blood glucose results on your home computer / laptop (MAC and PC).  You can link this account to the hospital diabetes clinic, meaning that if you contact us for advice, we can look over the glucose results and provide the best possible advice.  The system is secure and no one outside the diabetes clinic has access to your results.


How do I create a Diasend Personal Account?

Diasend Personal is now completely free.

Visit and select: 'REGISTER HERE'

The website will guide you through a few simple registration pages.  Diasend installs a programme on your computer which is used to upload your meter readings.  The following video explains the simple registration process:


 Further information is available at:

IMPORTANT: TO ALLOW Diabetes clinic staff to access your account, you must enter our clinic ID, Dundee ID is 70-82071,  Perth ID is 50-69337 on the 'share data' registration page.


How do I link my meter to my computer?

Most meters have a link cable which connects by USB - please see the separate guide on 'connecting your meter' for specific information.  Many meters are supplied with a connection cable in the box.  If you do not have a connector, most meter manufacturers will provide a link cable free of charge, if you contact them directly.  We may be able to provide you with a connection cable from the diabetes clinic (OPD2).  The following videos explains the process of connecting your meter to Diasend:





I'm using Diasend Personal - how do I get diabetes advice?

Once you're uploading your results on to Diasend, please contact the diabetes department at or phone 01382 633860 / 01738 473974 providing us with your name, date of birth and contact details.  It is also helpful to provide some details of your current treatment and any issues you have identified or are concerned about.  Someone from the department will then get back in touch by phone or email.